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Legal drama sitcoms motivating law students for a spurring life

January 27, 2016

Students from Alliance School of Law share their experience with watching Suits and Boston Legal.

With all the glamour that has been attached to the life of a lawyer with American ‘legal drama’ sitcoms like Suits and Boston Legal, it isn’t hard to draw a corollary between the glam of Harvey’s and Alan’s handling of different sorts of cases and students wanting to pursue such an action-packed life! The sitcoms have spun-off the aesthetics of a legal living, with a realistic depiction of mergers & acquisitions, contract negotiations, criminal defense, employment law, and what not. Though the timelines are often sped up and our heroes showcase a not so normal intelligence, the sitcoms have managed to entice students to pursue law as their career options.

In most legal dramas, mostly the big-firm lawyers are villains, who end up squashing righteous Erin Brockoviches. But Suits is a little different. Here, it’s about doing the job well with an enticing pleasure and sometimes, an appalling corruptness. The star-studded cast of Boston Legal made the courtroom come alive as the serious cases were added a tinge of humor.

The sitcoms have a global fan following and in India, the spokesperson of a leading law school Alliance School of Law said that the students are often seen discussing the cases that the sitcoms deal with. Sometimes, they are too impressed by the hair breadth escapes of the heroes while the other times they wish it could be a little more realistic.

A student from Alliance School of Law shared that he closely watches every single episode of Suits and has done it at least three times already. He said that he is inspired by the character of Mike Ross, undoubtedly the very best lawyer of New York City and what is more amazing is that he doesn’t even hold a law degree. So, he said, it’s basically about your intelligence and your ability to think on your feet that counts.

Another student from Alliance is a die-hard fan of Boston Legal. She praised Alan’s incredible legal finesse and his ability to win “unwinnable cases”.

The college often conducts mock court sessions where the to-be-lawyers find different angles to cases they borrow from the two sitcoms. It gets all the more heated up as students try hard to apply laws that are new and not mentioned in the series.

It is interesting to see the way in which such sitcoms are impacting lives across corners of the world. Everything becomes an important issue that needs a heavy discussion, be it Hardman’s taking over the firm, Louis’ resignation from Pearson Specter, Alan assisting Chelina in Texas or Denny’s recounting a trial!

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